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[DPRG] Roborama 2009B Contest Summary - Thanks

Subject: [DPRG] Roborama 2009B Contest Summary - Thanks
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Sat Nov 21 20:56:14 CST 2009

We had a great contest today. Many new robots and a few old.
Paul and Jonathan competed in every contest with  their Roomba based robot. 
Pretty cool video camera interface for doing  line following using remote 
computer (laptop) for high level control. They had  to implement a "back-up 
and turn scheme to accommodate the small radius turns of  the line following 
course which was very cool -- Their work on Roomba got them  the coveted 
"Da-Vinci" Award. 
Erik Petrich was sporting a new robot using optic flow. He needed more time 
 to write code as the trip down from Oklahoma was only 2 hours. 
Nathan took quick trip 1st with his highly optimized Lego bot.
Eric Cheney also looks to be a strong competitor in future contests with  
his legobot.
Jeff's K2 Smokey shined in Quick trip using wall following and almost made  
it in line following with no testing -- people like that scare me. 
Unfortunately  John Kuhlenschmidt's Roomba's sonar suffered due to low profile 
contest course  walls.
Only one successful completion of the Square Dance, by Jonathan with his  
Surprised that John Abshier did not take any prizes this time -- What  
happened John? usually we get stomped.
Dale Wheat's, "Kyle" would not start no matter how loud we screamed --  
imagine this at a library -- we were behind closed doors -- did that really 
stop  the noise.
Will Kuhnle presented some of his mechanical excellence with his quick trip 
 robot Ratchet.
(Will is doing a presentation at December meeting on Mechanical Linkages -- 
 will be great, plan to be there.)

Also only one successful completion of Figure 8, by me, with my scratch  
built robot Whip.
I failed on square Dance, Arrg! Just wait and see what I can do when I am  
not saddled with presidential duties (makes for a great excuse anyway) when 
in  one month, I am forced out to pasture.

Jeff Brought his R2 which was a big crowd pleaser. As it rolled through the 
 library, it was like the Pied Piper of Hamlisch with all of the children  
following along -- no disrespect to the kids, I was mesmerized too.
Gus and Steve showed off their Sony Aibo dog robots  and also a new  Korean 
robot dog called Genibo.
Pretty impressive to see what you can get in the way of a dog toy that  
costs more like $2000 than $20.
Also, I did a quick demo of Tip, my balancing robot.
Thanks to Glenn for video recording, Kathy Pipe and Doug Emes for  helping 
out a bunch with setup... take down... Also, thanks to Ed Paradis  for being 
contest judge and time keeper.

Thanks to everyone who participated and equal thanks to all who  showed as 
Sorry, If I missed some of the competitors. Feel free to post additional  
We should have contest results posted within a day.

Look forward to seeing everyone at future contests, RBNOs, and meetings  
(for those who don't have to drive 150 miles!
Ron Grant
DPRG President 2008-2009
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