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[DPRG] PAL chip programmer?

Subject: [DPRG] PAL chip programmer?
From: Scott Sumner scottinthebooth at gmail.com
Date: Sat Nov 28 23:45:06 CST 2009

Hello all,

Anyone have or know of a programmer capable of writing an N82S100 or PLS100
PAL chip?  Its apparently some sort of PROM chip.  It looks like they are
trying to repair an old video game or something similar.


*Subject:* *N82S100 or PLS100 *

Very odd thing happened. I was trying to repair and decided to switch the
PAL chip in the corner  but couldn't get any of the PALs I had programmed to
work. Even the Master didn't work. I took one off another board and it
worked in Arthur's board but none of the ones I've had sitting around
function. They were all in static foam and they did work initially because I
tested them. The company has apparently gone to the happy hunting ground so
my request to you is to find someone else that can  program them. Remember
they were used in Commodore computers which are still used today and a
support group for the computers should have some suggestions. My programming
device won't do them.  N82S100 is the old number and PLS100 is the new
number. I have 10 on order from Jameco but I'm hoping a programmer will be
able to check the ones I have and say they are good and the program is
intact. This is a  write once device so I order new blank ones.
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