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[DPRG] landwalker parts needed

Subject: [DPRG] landwalker parts needed
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Nov 30 14:21:37 CST 2009

looking for these parts to build a pair of robotic exoskeletal legs for myself. wheelchair is a real pain in the bum :(
need 3' to 6' lengths of hot water pvc pipe 4", 6", 8", 10" & 12", piano hinges, locking latches, nasa memory foam, large press-in bearings, velcro, etc. I'm shopping the hardware store for samples today.

from the computer department, we would need as many spare laptop li-ion batteries as possible. no specific size or model. although, it would be highly convenient if they were all identical models. this will make it easy to mount, recharge and replace when needed. being that these batteries are usually no more than a foot long, they can be placed down the side of the legs instead of wearing a backpack full of batteries.

also, a small wearable pc, palm pilot or iphone that can run windows, wi-fi, webcam, gps, tilt sensors and cell phone features. it will most likely be placed where the belt buckle would be. this will allow us to program, test, monitor and track the landwalker wirelessly. cam is used for object detection and navigation. cell phone for emergency in case landwalker runs away and fails to shutdown or gets stuck somewhere.

hard drive power cables. not 120vac cables. but the ones inside the computer cases. they have a white connector with 4 wires. we need splitters and extensions too for them too. burned out power supplies have lots of connectors we can use. we will use these to connect power to the motors. they are quick release connectors so it will be cheap and easy to work with for now.

we also need a good programmer :)

the motors and actuators are special order items. they are not cheap and must be shipped in. i will start researching the best motors to use for this project.

the piezo film sensors are only about $2 each. 1 inch by half inch. but we will need maybe 200 of them to detect pressure & temperature of both legs. this is needed for triggering the motors via chemoelectric impulses just under the skin, as well as providing absolute safety to the wearer. we do not want to break any bones or hyper extend any joints! we could possibly get a bulk rate discount from mouser electronics or applied electronics.

sponsors are great to have. they could donate these products in exchange for their logo on our robot during press conferences. yes, this will be a major news story once i step into this thing and walk out on the streets.

please let me know if you come across any of these items and/or if you can donate them are at least get them at a significant discount. to join our project or for more info click here

thanks for all your help!,
robotrock =]

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