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[DPRG] landwalker parts needed

Subject: [DPRG] landwalker parts needed
From: steve at txtulip.com steve at txtulip.com
Date: Mon Nov 30 17:11:17 CST 2009

 A couple of things,

   I've worked with Dean Kamen on the FIRST robotics competition andhave met him several times. (Yes, FIRST  is his too.) He invented thetwo wheeled wheelchair, it's called the ibot and is an amazing device.The problem with it is testing.. you can imagine how thoroughly it hasbeen tested before it was released for sale to the public. And costs atabout $40,000+ a unit it's pricey. But no more pricey than converting ahouse to be wheelchair compatible so there is a reasonible market and ITHINK Johnson and Johnson is the manufacturer. Not too sure about that.Anyway AFTER he invented the ibot, he took the same technology andinvented the Segway so in reality, adapting a Segway to replace awheelchair is reverse engineering so to speak.
   Also, USA today carried an article about a HAL system (HybridAssisted Limb robo-suit) in October. A japanese firm has developed awalking assist suit that it rents for $2400 a month. It might be worthlooking up for inspiration.
   I would never discourage anyone from trying their own ideas indeveloping something like this. In fact, looking at the pitfalls theyencountered may help you avoid the same ones. Still, it's a hughundertaking so good luck!





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>Not wanting to be the idiot that comes up with the negativity to ruin any given 
project, but wouldn?t it be the best way to leave the wheel chair in 
obsolescence to create an adapter for the Segway? It would be very simple to 
create some form of harness which would allow people with any given form of leg 
incapacitation to remain in the standing position while they get (and stay 
within) the Segway. Then it is a matter of leaning forward and backward, and the 
motion takes place. 

Its been done already, by (strangely enough) the guy who invented the
Segway (Dean Kamen).



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