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[DPRG] September Meeting This SATURDAY 12 NOON -- MOTOR CONTROL

Subject: [DPRG] September Meeting This SATURDAY 12 NOON -- MOTOR CONTROL
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Fri Sep 11 17:13:26 CDT 2009

Monthly Meeting Tomorrow at Garland NORTH BRANCH library
see dprg.org home page for address.
Drinks are permitted as long as they have a lid or screw top.
As you enter library -- room entrance is to the left at the back  wall.

Bring your robots and projects for show and tell!
Might want to bring your own extension cord and power strip if you want to  
show off some stuff that requires AC power.
Jose Quinones, a Texas Instruments Engineer and New Member, will be  
talking about motor control.
Check out Jose's web site  _http://www.avayanelectronics.com/_ 
(http://www.avayanelectronics.com/) .  He sells H-Bridge bare boards at almost give-away 
Topics as outlined by Jose:
1.       DC Motor Basics
2.       H Bridge Basics
3.       Speed Control using PWM (both for  ENABLE and PHASE)
4.       Current Control for Torque
5.       Closing the Loop
The idea is to give a good understanding of how voltage and current  play a 
role on driver selection and what needs to be done with the  
microcontroller to properly control the motor. I will take an oscilloscope from  work as 
there is no better way to understand it than actually seen it on the  screen. 
I will also take a series of controller of different capacities, as well  
as a bunch of different DC motors,  so we should be able to see how they  all 
behave together. I could use the projector to show some slides that we  
prepared at work to show some aspects of the H Bridge

Looking forward to seeing everyone.
Should be a really nice meeting!
PS Jose -- I will bring my video projector
I will get there early -- Doug maybe you can help me get stuff setup
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