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[DPRG] 68882 FPU <=> 68332 MPU interface

Subject: [DPRG] 68882 FPU <=> 68332 MPU interface
From: DaKenengineer-meister. kmaxon at qwest.net
Date: Fri Sep 25 22:56:59 CDT 2009

Hey guys...

It has been a long slow move but I'm back on my feet and just starting to 
make some progress with the robotics hobby again.  After quite some time 
I've written and tested the 68332 <=> 68882 FPU interface routines and they 
are up and running on my robot ProtoBot.

Compared to running the same floating point functions in 'C on the 68332 
there is not a huge difference in calculations / second.  The advantage 
comes through concurrent execution.  With execution offloaded, the MPU 
re-gains significant software processing overhead to deal with more complex 
functions derived from interupts and general software processing.

Over the next week some metrics will be captured and posted.  In the mean 
time, the code can be found at the bottom of the page in the first link 
below, and the schematic showing the MPU<=>FPU interface, I have used, can 
be found on the last page f the PDF at the 2'nd link below.



This project has been an absolute blast.  I hope some of you out there can 
read and enjoy playing with this as much as I have enjoyed building it.  It 
should be reasonably easy to develop a piggy back board for the MRM and to 
follow along the work that I have done here...


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