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[DPRG] Feedback: Roborama 2010b

Subject: [DPRG] Feedback: Roborama 2010b
From: Karim Virani karim at compuguru.com
Date: Sun Dec 5 21:06:55 CST 2010


I agree, except we could run the same contest in parallel.  Having 2 square
dance fields running simultaneously would take up more space so is
venue-contingent.  But it could also spread the crowd out more and increase
both visibility and the amount of action on the field.  Collisions, either
physical or sensory, might require restarts, but would be both rare and
interesting.  And I'll bet one judge could manage both fields at the same


Same thing could happen with table top, requiring far less space.



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I am also in agreement - parallel contests are not the answer.   I entered
at least one robot in each of the RoboRama 2010b events, so it would have
made it very difficult for me as a participant.  Also, it would have split
the crowd, would have required 2 MCs, etc.

The carpet messed up my robots too, but I'm not complaining.   A "hard"
floor would be better for most of the group's robots, though.  Carpet is
terrible stuff - years ago, the club bought what we thought was some good
low-nap roll-up carpet for contests, but it had a "grain" that made odometry
very, very difficult or impossible.

It would be good to have some time before the contest for test-trials.  We
had this at RoboRama 2010b, but there were also a lot of curious onlookers
(which is good!) who sometimes interfered with robot testing.

Speaking from experience, it would be VERY difficult to have certain events
at certain times, especially without a sign-up list completed in advance.

It seems like the biggest time drain was for the Square-Dance competition.
Maybe we could cut it from 3 attempts to 2 attempts?

(Old-time members will remember waiting a LONG time for small robots using
hacked hobby servos to complete the T-Square contest on the old, large

My (overpriced) 2 cents,

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 8:59 PM, Scott Sumner <scottinthebooth at gmail.com>

I agree that parallel competitions is not the way to go.  Perhaps some sort
of published schedule for specific competitions instead of just "when we get
to it".  I realize that the number of bots may preclude an on-time start but
a schedule that says "square dance is at 12 noon, RoboColumbus will begin no
earlier than 1:30"  so that people can arrive for a specific event might be


On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 8:44 PM, John Abshier <jabshier at kc.rr.com> wrote:

I was a victim of the carpet, but I don't mind.  Robots operate in the real
world.  I liked tabletop (I competed) and RoboColumbus (I did not compete).
I don't like parallel competitions.  You have to pick what to watch.
Perhaps Square Dance could be speeded up by allowing only 2 tries.


John Abshier


PS. Thanks for the competition.  It was fun competing and seeing how others
approach the problem.  I always learn something.


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