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[DPRG] Speaking of Batteries

Subject: [DPRG] Speaking of Batteries
From: robert cunningham rjc-wkz at swbell.net
Date: Mon Dec 13 10:51:41 CST 2010

Anyone in NEED of a 12ah 12v lead acid gel cell 6x4x3.5in(lwh)I have a some that are good and hold a charge. Removed from service APC ups's.Will power robots, QRP rigs, VHF/UHF rigs.. etc.Will trade for gold, guns, food stamps, cute blonde, redhead, or brunet.JUST kidding on the above. But if you want to get rid of you wife send pic.Ghost of Christmas past has prompted me to offer the items for a smile, a glass of milk, a few cookies. Bourbon, Scotch, Rum, Vodka also accepted.
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