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[DPRG] NXT 2.0 - sensors advice

Subject: [DPRG] NXT 2.0 - sensors advice
From: Dick Swan dickswan at sbcglobal.net
Date: Tue Dec 14 14:56:52 CST 2010

The audio sensor is pretty useless. You can do without one.

Look at the line following sensor array from mindsensors.com.

One ultrasonic is also fine. I find that they are not very reliable.

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Subject: [DPRG] NXT 2.0 - sensors advice

Santa is going to deliver a NXT 2.0 kit to my son, I am in search of 
advices about the following:
- Audio sensor is missing in NXT version 2.0, should I get it?
- I would like to implement a line following or a more markiii like 
robot, I have the 2.0 color sensor light. but I am wondering if I need 
to purchase another color sensor light or a couple of old sensor light 
(not color aware).

- there is only one ultrasonic sensor, do I need to buy at least another 

I know that the maximum input sensor is 4, so in the end without 
modifications I could only add 4 sensors at the time....


Giuseppe Marullo

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