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[DPRG] NXT 2.0 - sensors advice

Subject: [DPRG] NXT 2.0 - sensors advice
From: Karim Virani karim at compuguru.com
Date: Tue Dec 14 23:00:20 CST 2010

If you want to pimp your NXT, you need to look at 3rd party add-ons from
HiTechnic and Mindsensors:


The audio sensor isn't much use for practical apps.  It only knows current
total sound volume.  It doesn't know frequency at all.  It may be useful for
experiments where knowing the decibel volume of some process is important.

I've never found a need for more than one ultrasonic at time.  I've heard
they can interfere with each other if you have more than one - though I
haven't tried that myself.

You can follow a line (actually an edge) with single optical sensor.  More
is better since it can help you bracket a line.  If you really want to go
fast - look at the mindsensors line sensor array.

If you want to remote control your NXT robot, I highly recommend their
PSP-Nx combo.

If you want to compete in the DPRG square dance competition, going straight
and making accurate turns are important.  A HiTechnic gyro sensor can help
you with that.  Note that it's a single axis gyro.  So I had to stick with
using mine for balance control.

Both companies have acceleration sensors.

You can connect to more than 4 sensors.  HiTechnic has a Sensor Multiplexor.
Each of these allows you to connect an additional 3 sensors.  But the extra
ports may not work with all sensors out there.

Mindsensors has a cheaper touch-only multiplexor.  They also have a motor
multiplexor that lets you connect 2 additional motors to your NXT - though
it connects through a sensor port and you need a separate power source.

These 3rd party sensors all come with custom blocks that implement the
interface needed for NXT-G.  Most will support the various other programming
languages your son might choose to explore as he gets more proficient.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.


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Subject: [DPRG] NXT 2.0 - sensors advice

Santa is going to deliver a NXT 2.0 kit to my son, I am in search of 
advices about the following:
- Audio sensor is missing in NXT version 2.0, should I get it?
- I would like to implement a line following or a more markiii like 
robot, I have the 2.0 color sensor light. but I am wondering if I need 
to purchase another color sensor light or a couple of old sensor light 
(not color aware).

- there is only one ultrasonic sensor, do I need to buy at least another 

I know that the maximum input sensor is 4, so in the end without 
modifications I could only add 4 sensors at the time....


Giuseppe Marullo

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