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[DPRG] Popular Mechanics Interview request

Subject: [DPRG] Popular Mechanics Interview request
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Mon Dec 20 21:11:03 CST 2010

Thank you to everyone who sent me ideas for hooks for the Popular Mechanics
interview. It's done now, and should be a short piece no earlier than May.
If anyone sees it come out please let me know - I'd love to see what he
What the ideas you sent made me realize is that we have a club with a rich
past and interesting members - lots of solid history and a solid present. In
case you're interested, here are what looked like the key hooks that
emerged. Also, Steve's photostream was appreciated and may be a source for
What we are and do is:
- Autonomous robots, not R/C or battlebots (mostly)
- Outreach activities: Will's BEST team, Greg's First team, Dale's teaching
activities, appearance at several cons a year
- Part of a patchwork of somewhat related groups: Makerspace, R2 Builders
- Originated RBNO, RPL, which was copied by other clubs. RBNO is a forum for
us to help/watch each other & exchange ideas
- Ongoing club projects: e.g. Tankbot, passed from one person to the next
(anyone want Tankbot next?)
- Robot art: Robot music, sculpture, poetry
- Member Steve runs robots.net, the leading hobby news blog
- Vincent was in pop-mech in 2005 with space elevator, displays moondawg
every moonday
- Writers with substantial bodies of published work
Thanks again to those who sent in ideas - they were helpful for focusing the
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