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[DPRG] motor controllers to drive cordless drill motors

Subject: [DPRG] motor controllers to drive cordless drill motors
From: Quinones, Jose jquinones at ti.com
Date: Tue Dec 28 12:30:20 CST 2010

This board should give you up to 70A. I think it comes to be cheaper than the Pololu. I used it to drive my R2D2, which weights more than 100 pounds, and a wheelchair robot.


I am not going to tell you that the board will do 70A continuous, as that is preposterous with such a small foot print, but the 10A should be piece of cake because the RDSon on the power devices is tiny! For this you would need to populate the bare board with BTN7970's.


At 10A, you would have about 3W of power dissipation. I think with proper heat sinking you should be able to easily take it to 20A if you needed it.

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Subject: [DPRG] motor controllers to drive cordless drill motors

I have a couple cordless drill motors i would like to push. The max out at around 9A.  Would a motor controller like this work fine http://www.pololu.com/catalog/product/757 and has anyone used one for such purpose?


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