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[DPRG] Big Dog hits it good!

Subject: [DPRG] Big Dog hits it good!
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Feb 14 16:42:04 CST 2010

why be so negative? check out www.sbir.gov
robotrock =]

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Subject: RE: [DPRG] Big Dog hits it good!
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Date: Sunday, February 14, 2010, 1:47 AM

> Quinones, Jose wrote on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 2:01 PM
>Will any of our robots have a chance at a grant like this?
Realistically no. The things we don’t have going for us include:
·         Not politically connected.
·         A flaky organization of “old farts”. J. No criticism intended; just a pragmatic assessment.
·         No tie-in to academic institution or recognized faculty researcher as a principal investigator.
·         No credibility.
·         Likely a weak or non-existant to transition research into product.
A $32M grant like this is impossible. If the objective was one of NSF”s $100K “small business” grants (I’ve forgotten the exact acronym) then there’s a slight possibility. But I’ve looked into these in the past and they tend to be pretty focused on a specific goal that my work has never seemed to match my work.
If you go back and read the grant announcement you’ll see that it is related to DARPA’s “L3 Program” for robots. It’s a reasonable assumption that the Big Dog development team has been fully plugged into and connected to the L3 program since its initial concept and built Big Dog with just such a large grant in mind.
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