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[DPRG] HobbyKing Radios

Subject: [DPRG] HobbyKing Radios
From: David Jannke david at proboticsamerica.com
Date: Mon Feb 15 09:20:44 CST 2010

>HobbyKing.com has some really cheap 6-channel 2.4GHz transmitters/receivers
>($30 - $60). Has anyone tried them? Do they work decently? What's the
>downside compared to the many $100's Futabas?

The four channel version seems to work well, but they are not FCC certified,
not compatible with anyone else's receivers (including being not compatible
with Spektrums or Futaba) and interfere with the operation of some other
2.4Ghz items (in my case wireless communications).  They also actually cost
a bit more than advertised owing to the high cost of shipping.   I'd
consider them for fun, but not anything large unless you have other safety
systems in place.  That being said they do seem to be a good value for the
money - if you are in a situation/country/locality or use where the
certification is not required.

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