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[DPRG] PR for DPRG, need robots for morning TV news station

Subject: [DPRG] PR for DPRG, need robots for morning TV news station
From: Glenn Pipe ggpipe at yahoo.com
Date: Mon Feb 15 14:09:23 CST 2010

I was contacted by the PR company for the Museum of Science and Nature about promoting the Tech Fest this weekend and they want people with working robots that are available for the local morning TV news this Thursday or Friday around 5am-10am. Yeah I know it's very early, but that is a time window. It will most likely be a small subset of that time.

I will bring my R2 but they would also like other robots to be there that be shown on the morning news.

The more visually interesting the better, but anything will do. I need to know ASAP. They need the info before tomorrow.

Email me back at ggpipe at yahoo.com, or call 972-422-9095


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