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[DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek

Subject: [DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek
From: Jon Hylands jon at huv.com
Date: Mon Feb 15 14:57:55 CST 2010

On Mon, 15 Feb 2010 14:49:03 -0600, "Quinones, Jose"
<jquinones at ti.com> wrote:

>I am seriously considering returning to the AVR programming experience, but am not in the mood to code in assembly any more. So I would like to use some sort of FREE C compiler. I am not certain if the free AVR Developer Studio suite will accept a compiler, or what other IDE I could use. But I know there are some super duper awesome experts in this group which may be able to transfer this tidbit of information in a few pico seconds, if we decide to take it slow.

I've been using Arduinos of late, and they are an excellent use of
AVRs. The IDE is cross-platform and free, and the 3rd party libraries
out there are many and useful.


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