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[DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek

Subject: [DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek
From: Matthew Fogle foglem at shadowmite.com
Date: Tue Feb 16 12:37:10 CST 2010

I use the tinyisp by ladyada. Was pretty cheap as a kit and works great with
avrdude (commandline programmer included in winavr). it also can work with
avr studio via a little adaptor she wrote. However if you use win 7 I advise
against it since the drivers are not signed and microsoft driver checking is

On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 12:12 PM, Jeff Koenig <koenig.jeff at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dale - I built a new PC a couple of months ago, and installed AVR Studio
> *before* installing WinAVR (because I forgot), and AVR Studio seems to be
> working OK.  I can build an old project, at least, and recieve the standard
> GCC feedback.
> What is everyone using for the hardware part of developing for/programming
> AVRs?  I've mainly used an STK500, but bought an Olimex JTAG ICE a while
> back, which I think may be defective.
> I also have some ancient STK100s and maybe an STK300 kicking around.  It
> seems like the later versions of AVR Studio recognize different hardware
> than the early versions.
> Come to think of it, I think the last time I programmed an AVR, it was with
> a serial adapter of some sort, which I had to talk to with a USB-to-serial
> adapter because that PC didn't have a serial port.
> So, what's that latest/greatest?
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