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[DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek

Subject: [DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek
From: Samir Gupta samirgupta at live.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 03:34:27 CST 2010

Can Anyone suggest some good PUBLIC universities for MS in USA for ECE
specialization in Energy systems and Power systems.

I have done my UG in EEE in 2009 and would like some help in suggestions
regarding whether to do MS in Energy Systems or some other course.

Samir Gupta

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Subject: Re: [DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek

> Hi Dick,
> Sorry - I meant to send this to the list.
>> Many applications work just fine with the “main loop” architecture where
>> essentially you have a loop that is continuously executed. And then 
>> within
>> this loop you make a series of function calls that must take a very small
>> time slice and then return.
>> ·         Line following is a great example very amenable to the main 
>> loop
>> approach. Every cycle through the main loop you read the various values 
>> of
>> the line sensors and use them to appropriate adjust the settings of the
>> motor power levels.
> Who says that the loop has to return?
> They provide a loop function that's called repeatedly, but if you
> never return, then it acts just like main.
> The main.cpp file for the arduino looks like this:
> int main(void)
> {
>   init();
>   setup();
>   for (;;)
>       loop();
>   return 0;
> }
> So you do your entire program in the setup function as well.
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