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[DPRG] Diode logic

Subject: [DPRG] Diode logic
From: David Jannke david at proboticsamerica.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 10:06:32 CST 2010

The H-bridge approach is nice for everything but the most basic
installations or very high amperage manual control (>25A or so manual starts
being significantly cheaper than H-bridge), but when I need fixed speed of a
small motor in response to a pair of pushbuttons I generally use a DPDT
switch and an on/off switch.  The DPDT flips the motor leads back and forth
and the on/off well...switches things on/off.  If you use a DPDT with a
center off you get both switches in one.  I only use it on test batteries.

Hey Vincent - looks you're the only person available to take a Bikebot down
to the elementary school in May.  What do you use for transportation?  Will
it hold a kid on a trike? 

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