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[DPRG] AVR Mega Geek's Next Step...

Subject: [DPRG] AVR Mega Geek's Next Step...
From: Wes Grimes wesgrimes_2000 at yahoo.com
Date: Fri Feb 19 09:11:52 CST 2010


I had a similar problem with the Arduino menus after installing Windows 7. 

I fixed it by installing the latest version of Java. You then have to delete the Java folder from your Arduino folder, and replace it with the Java folder at C:\Program Files\Java. 


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Nope, Arduino is completely self-contained.  You don't even have to "install" it in the traditional sense.  Just decompress the archive file into a directory/folder of your choosing and click on the "arduino.exe" executable.  Tada!

Arduino is Java-based.  It's a derivative of the "Processing" package, which I believe is a derivative of something else.  It doesn't work properly on my main computer at home for some reason.  All the menus appear blank.  Very frustrating.  No one knows why.

The Arduino IDE has all the same internal development tools (compiler, linker, bootloader, etc.) except for debugging or simulation.  Just select your particular flavor of Arduino hardware (it has evolved over the years) and your serial port and that's about it.

You might look at the class notes for my "Breadboard Arduino" class for a quick & easy introduction to the Arduino IDE.  Just skip the "Breadboard" parts:


If that link gets mangled, just browse my technical documents page:



Dale Wheat

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Quinones, Jose wrote:
> Thanks to all group members who helped me get up and running with the WIN AVR. Dale, it works great!!!
> OK, so now I have been tempted into studying this Arduino madness. I have WinAVR, AVR Studio and downloaded the Arduino stuff.
> Do I have to merge them together or is Arduino separate from AVR Studio/GCC land? I think I have been reading that Arduino generates C files. Will it compile them as well or do I have to manually take them and make an AVR Studio project?
> I bet there is like a tutorial out there for present-dumbees like I must admit I am one of at the moment…
> Thanks!
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