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[DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek

Subject: [DPRG] Return of the AVR Mega-Geek
From: jon at huv.com jon at huv.com
Date: Sun Feb 21 06:08:56 CST 2010

On Sat, 20 Feb 2010 23:15:22 -0600, "Paul Bouchier"
<bouchier at classicnet.net> wrote:

> Jon - thank you for contributing pointers to the TimedAction and FSM
> classes. I have looked at the Arduino library many times and had not
> those very valuable classes. 
> .....
> Can you use this technique or others to pend threads on a mutex? 

I'm not sure that would be such a good idea. It might work, but there are
much better solutions out there if you want a RTOS running on an AVR, with
real threads and proper mutexes and such...

> Finite State machines are a very powerful technique, as you say.
> This thread has had embedded it it the idea of comparing WinAVR and
> While I'm very ignorant of WinAVR & gcc support for AVR, IMHO the power
of a
> development environment is directly related to the power of its
libraries. I
> think that's where the Arduino environment shines for robotic use - it
> libraries for so many weird hardware-related things that you can use to
> accelerate development. Yes, you can write functions to bit-bang I2C
> devices, and run timers, and do serial I/O, and all that stuff, but if
> have libraries that do all that grunt work for you, you can spend more
> at a higher-level making more powerful software. That, in my opinion, is
> of the big values the Arduino environment brings.

You're absolutely correct. Also, its not just that the libraries are out
there, and there are many many of them. Its that the whole shooting match
is written in C++, which, although (IMHO) a poor substitute for Smalltalk
(my OO language of choice), is at least way better than trying to
accomplish things in C.


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