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[DPRG] Teaching programming and technology to kids viapersonalrobotics

Subject: [DPRG] Teaching programming and technology to kids viapersonalrobotics
From: Wes Grimes wesgrimes_2000 at yahoo.com
Date: Sun Feb 21 21:39:19 CST 2010

Hi Randy, 

Alice is a 3D modeling programing environment. It would be very possible and probably easy to add a robot model to their environment. 

What I am working on is a similar programming user interface to control robots in the real world via serial communication or by updating the code on the robot. I have modified a toy Wall-E using an Atmega328 (Arduino) and a handful of servos to create a "robot". There are a number of kits as well as retail packages like the Lego Mindstorm that could have definition files added to the programming environment allowing a large number of robots or other physical computing devices to be controlled by the program. Then interface would be open source so any builder could use the environment. 

I think the advantage here is that kids MAY be more interested in interacting with real world objects. Making a 3D character on the screen move is fun, but my experience has been that children prefer interacting with real world objects. NASA's "Robots on the Road" program http://aesp.psu.edu/robots.cfm is an example of the learning environment that I am trying to achieve. 


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Wes Grimes said: Sunday, February 21, 2010 1:00 PM
> My question was "I wanted to know if anyone had any interest 
> in being involved in this project.". 

So I looked up Alice. I see this was what Randy Pausch of "The
Last Lecture" was working on. I saw their demo of the 3D world
characters. The idea of a programming language you can't make
syntactical errors in is at least thought provoking.

Wes, what do you think needs to be added to that to make it
robotic? The characters looked pretty "robotic" to me already.



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