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[DPRG] DPRG List Guidelines

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG List Guidelines
From: R. Steven Rainwater srainwater at ncc.com
Date: Wed Feb 24 14:27:15 CST 2010

Someone pointed out that it's been several years since we posted the
mailing list guidelines, so here ya go...

DPRG Mailing List Rules of Etiquette

* This is a family friendly list - please refrain from profanity,
insults, threats, etc. If you wouldn't say it to your mother, it doesn't
belong here either.

* Please refrain from personal attacks against other members of the
mailing list. Interesting debate about substantial topics is encouraged,
pointless arguing or trolling is not acceptable.
* This list is primarily for DPRG members. Other robot enthusiasts are
welcome to participate and discuss general robot-related topics, but
should refrain from becoming involved in discussions of DPRG group
business unless invited to do so.
* Do not post advertising to the list, including pictures, text or
unsolicited links to commercial web sites. All messages of a commercial
nature should be submitted for prior approval to postmaster at dprg.org.
Messages deemed appropriate will be forwarded to the list. The following
are exceptions to the above rule:
1. Vendors who are current sponsors of the DPRG are excluded from the
above requirement.
2. List members may post links to commercial sites in direct response to
questions posed on the list or that they believe may be of general
3. Other robot clubs and organizations are welcome to post brief
announcements for their meetings and events.  

* In general, please try to keep cross posting to a minimum. Do not
cross post DPRG list messages to other lists or include the DPRG list in
other cross posting activity.
* When replying to a message, do not quote the entire message. Trim all
text not related to your reply, including headers, footers, signatures,
taglines and provider-inserted advertising. A good rule of thumb is that
the amount of quoted material in your post should be less than the
amount of new material.
* Please limit taglines / signatures to four lines or less. Do not
attach vCards or similar electronic business cards to messages.
* Please post messages in plain text if your email program allows it and
do not include file attachments. HTML and file attachments take up
valuable storage space, increase download times for users with slower
connections, and may not be displayed properly on some computers.
* Violation of DPRG list guidelines may result in temporary or permanent
removal from the DPRG mail list.
For more information on proper online “netiquette”, visit:


Compiled by Bill Boyers in 2003, based in part on dprglist new user
guidelines posted by Steve Rainwater and list etiquette recommendations
by Ralph Tenney.

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