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Subject: [DPRG] Its about materials
From: William James polymath2000 at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Feb 24 18:12:33 CST 2010

I am an old member and still lurk reading all the posts.  I have used 
American Iron Metals
2215 South Good Latimer Expressway, 
Dallas, TX 75226-2221.
I built two brewing stands and one robot from the steel and Al from the place.  Some metal is outside, I guess its a common practice.  They have very good prices and the workers were very helpful and friendly.  They are open Saturday morning. 
However, its past downtown and in a not very good part of town.  I haven't had any problems down there.  
Bill James
polymath in training. 

What places do you recommend to buy metals? Already went to Garland Steel, which looked more like a MEGA-DUMP in which I feared for my life and Fulton Metal at Denton . My plan is never to return to either of these places, unless I become suicidal and wish for my life to end by acquiring tetanus as a big pile of metal is dropped on me. Could it be that buying this stuff from the web is the best way to go? In Rochester I had a nice place in which I could buy small parts and surplus. How is it possible there is not such a thing in Dallas , a place a few gazillion times larger than Rochester NY will ever hope to be?
As always, thanks for your comments!
Best regards,

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