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[DPRG] Its about materials

Subject: [DPRG] Its about materials
From: Paul Burrell peburrell at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Feb 24 22:57:04 CST 2010

I know it is not Austin, but we have some steel places here (Portland) that sell formed steel (tubes, squares, plates) from $0.40/lb to $0.75/lb.   And yes, some of it is stored outside with a little rust on it.



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Subject: [DPRG] Its about materials

Hi Group,
Sorry to change the subject a little bit, but since (and thanks to all of you) I am now closer to be a PID “expert”, I wanted to switch gears from software and mathematics to materials. Specifically, metals.
I went to a place in Denton which I was told has like a scrap yard of sorts in which I can find cheaper metals for my CNC project. They do have a good variety, but apparently they quit the Kinder Garden Chemistry class and are under the impression that outdoors and under the elements is an awesome place to store metals. Which is why this place specializes in Stainlot Rusteel.
I figured I could get some of these pieces at discount and get busy with my sand paper to get the rusteelium out, when I am told the cost for rusteel is $40.00 a pound. Right there my brain was smashed against the fan. FORTY DOLLARS PER POUND??? I lifted one of the rods I was interested and I am thinking it was about 50 pounds. So say about $2000.00 for a piece of rod and rust.
Could this be true? I am positive I can buy an industrial grade rod with all sorts of warranties out from McMaster for way much less. So I know you will be thinking maybe they meant 40 cents/pound. And so I thought as well, which is why I asked again, to a totally different person, and the same $40/pound came to be.
Is this possible and I am tripping, or is Master Rip-off and Metal Con Yard trying to get my paycheck for a few hyperatoms of embellished carbonized iron? Which is of course a molecule... DUH!
What places do you recommend to buy metals? Already went to Garland Steel, which looked more like a MEGA-DUMP in which I feared for my life and Fulton Metal at Denton . My plan is never to return to either of these places, unless I become suicidal and wish for my life to end by acquiring tetanus as a big pile of metal is dropped on me. Could it be that buying this stuff from the web is the best way to go? In Rochester I had a nice place in which I could buy small parts and surplus. How is it possible there is not such a thing in Dallas , a place a few gazillion times larger than Rochester NY will ever hope to be?
As always, thanks for your comments!
Best regards,

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