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[DPRG] Robot Vision Test

Subject: [DPRG] Robot Vision Test
From: Chris Jang christopher.jang at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Feb 27 00:37:29 CST 2010

> I'm not that good at flying indoor mini r/c helicopters
> and keep hitting walls. [i have very limited dexterity] so,
> I'm hooking up 2 web cams and an IR transmitter to my PC
> along with a trial version of roborealm.

The thing I would watch for is lag in the video stream.
My experience (from several years ago), is anywhere from
100 ms to 1 sec latency between reality and an available
frame to an application. Network cameras can be especially
bad this way. Also, I found that connecting two webcams
sometimes halved the frame rate. I don't know if that was a
driver limitation or the USB controller. Anyway, these are
some of the surprises that may happen.

> the idea is simple, move helicopter to 1/2 height of room,
> "stay off the walls", land on designated spot. i

I think this is very reasonable so long as the localization
from the camera video is not used to stabilize the
helicopters. I have no experience with helicopters. But I
imagine something very small like an indoor R/C toy has low
mass and high power. It needs a relatively fast control
cycle to keep it stable.

Anyway, this would be very cool if you get it working! Even
cooler is to have it do missions inside a room and fly some
kind of course.


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