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[DPRG] Robot Vision Test

Subject: [DPRG] Robot Vision Test
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Sat Feb 27 12:37:11 CST 2010

the frame rate will be less than 20fps. the led's blink 2x per second. we should get a couple of frames, say 4 out of 20 revealing the illuminated led's. i doubt this method will be successful.
i found another robot vision program called 'skilligent'. i'm thinking about using 1 webcam hanging from the ceiling looking down on a 4-color lego table with 3 different shaped helicopters, and one landing pad [a blue circle with a red + in the center, yes it's the lego chopper landing pad]. skilligent recognizes and tracks multiple objects quite well and gives you numbers you can work with. it also uses the server/client technique to achieve faster response time than using just one system.
all i need is an IR transceiver...  a trip to fry's? or does anyone have an old dusty IR trans they aren't using?
robotrock =]

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From: A. Scientist <angryscientist at gmail.com>
Subject: Re: [DPRG] Robot Vision Test
To: "vincent lopresti" <spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com>
Cc: dprglist at dprg.org, k5rud at arrl.net
Date: Saturday, February 27, 2010, 8:10 AM

and further, the 3rd dimension should be covered by the 2nd camera, so tracking the lights would be a good option.

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 8:08 AM, A. Scientist <angryscientist at gmail.com> wrote:

Also im pretty sure Ron wrote some pretty good machine vision in delphi if I recall correctly.

On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 8:08 AM, A. Scientist <angryscientist at gmail.com> wrote:

DING DING DING "the choppers have blinking lights."

Think wiimote. Much easier, but i'm not sure how you will capture the 3rd dimension. You could also paint the helicopters a bright color which would likely aid blob/whatever detection.

Also, if roborealm is too bulky start looking at other peoples code and adapt it.


On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 1:06 AM, vincent lopresti <spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com> wrote:

well, it all depends on how good i can get with roborealm. it has functions for motion detection, color filtering, shape recognition, etc. the more functions i add the slower the response time will be. one idea is to stick tracking dots on the choppers making it easy to see despite all the background clutter. pinstriping the walls with a grid pattern might help. the choppers have blinking lights. it might even be possible to use that as an alternative tracking method.
are there any high speed webcams? maybe 50-100fps??
robotrock =]

--- On Fri, 2/26/10, Rud Merriam <k5rud at arrl.net> wrote:

From: Rud Merriam <k5rud at arrl.net>
Subject: RE: [DPRG] Robot Vision Test
To: dprglist at dprg.org
Date: Friday, February 26, 2010, 10:45 PM

I've been working with RoboRealm for obstacle avoidance in the last couple weeks. Got side tracked by a bad cold but starting to get back to it. Also did got the robot to follow a red dot, like a leash. Finding open paths is a real challenge, I'm finding.
Are your helicopters going to be in an open room with blank walls? Or will the rooms have stuff (furniture, columns) in them? Will the walls have ornamentation (pictures, molding)? If the latter cases are true I think the biggest obstacle is going to be finding the helis in all the visual clutter. 
Can't help with the IR transmitter. Depending on the coding you might be able to use a USB to TTL Serial converter. Drive the IR from the serial TX line. The challenge there is that the start and stop bits mess up the signal but, again, depending on the IR sequence they might fit into the sequence. 

 - 73 - 
Rud Merriam K5RUD
ARES AEC Montgomery County, TX 

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Subject: [DPRG] Robot Vision Test

i am attempting yet another "off-the wall" idea. I'm not that good at flying indoor mini r/c helicopters and keep hitting walls. [i have very limited dexterity] so, I'm hooking up 2 web cams and an IR transmitter to my PC along with a trial version of roborealm.

the idea is simple, move helicopter to 1/2 height of room, "stay off the walls", land on designated spot. i have spent weeks just looking and experimenting with all of roborealms extensions. it has lots of popular robots, motor controllers, cameras, FM & IR transmitters, etc already in the list. it has every possible filter, function, process, detection, analysis you can imagine and more. there are so many options that i am now lost at which way would be the best, efficient, fast, effective way? might make for a neat contest. [are there other programs like roborealm?]

the only other difficulty i see is running 3 helicopters at once using one PC controlled IR transmitter. are there any super duper usb to IR transmitters that do everything? is it possible train the system to quickly poll the channels A, B, C [I'm using www.airhogs.com] or would i need 3 transmitters?

either way, 3 helicopters + 2 web cams + 1 PC*roborealm = AirBot Ballet

RoBoTrOcK =]

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