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[DPRG] Hello + Roomba/Create

Subject: [DPRG] Hello + Roomba/Create
From: Dave Grubb davidagrubb at hotmail.com
Date: Wed Jan 6 15:35:28 CST 2010


I'll be coming along to a meeting on Saturday for the first time as I joined the club online last year just before I moved to the country. I had been following the mailing list for a while and can't wait to finally meet other hobbyists. Seems I've picked a bit of an awkward time due to the elections but at least that provides a good opportunity to meet the core members. 

By the way, does anybody own an iRobot Roomba or Create platform? I've been working on some IR beacons and have programmed a setting to broadcast the "virtual wall" bit pattern and would like to give it a test. 

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