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[DPRG] Power supply and charger help

Subject: [DPRG] Power supply and charger help
From: joe.whitmore joe.whitmore at botworkplace.com
Date: Wed Jan 6 15:40:03 CST 2010

I'm looking for something that can power a load from an AC source 
converted to a regulated DC output (consumer wall ward) and will charge 
a 7-12V battery source. And when unplugged the battery will power the 
load. Essentially a UPS for a DC load.

I've looked at UPS circuits but they were limited to diodes and required 
the wall voltage source to be higher than the battery voltage. And the 
charging was limited to trickle charging lead-acids.

I want to be able to use NiMh or NiCds (LiPo would be cool too). And 
have it function similar to how an iPod or cell phone works. You get a 
low battery, plug it in and keep using it while it's recharging.

My problem is that I don't know what the technical terms are for what 
I'm describing. Please point me to the correct terms or to circuits that 
do what I'm looking for.


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