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[DPRG] Sensor ideas

Subject: [DPRG] Sensor ideas
From: deltagraph at aol.com deltagraph at aol.com
Date: Wed Jan 6 19:56:33 CST 2010

What about creating a low pass filter with a resistor connected to  
capacitive fuel tank sensor where you energize the circuit with PWM pulse then  
maybe read back through same pin if tank cap is big enough, that is switching 
to  high impedance ADC input  -- OR -- use two pins if not   PWM  
PIN0----R---+---C--GND   Read voltage at "+" node if C is not big  enough that is 
thinking about what it takes to charge internal cap on ADC sample  and hold 
input...  just me babbling ...
I guess you could vary the frequency range on PWM to find possibly a range  
or frequencies that would give you best range of voltages.  Maybe even  
sweep PWM frequency and use digital theshold on input pin???
Just sounds like should not be too hard.. 1/jwC impedance stuff  Ha.
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