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[DPRG] "Free Day" at SparkFun is January 7

Subject: [DPRG] "Free Day" at SparkFun is January 7
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Mon Jan 11 16:44:22 CST 2010

Dale Wheat said: Friday, January 08, 2010 10:15 AM
> Just some musings I jotted about "Free Day":
> http://blog.dalewheat.com/nathan-seidle-is-a-genius

Dale, probably not surprizingly to either of us since we often
have differing opinions, I am not in agreement with your blog
position. First I have a whole different sense of the morality
of business. I see business as a value for value exchange where
both parties win. A give away is not business at all, but
something opposite. Getting something for nothing is the
mentality of entitlement. 

I eschewed the whole idea of a free day, and made no effort to
get something for nothing. However, I am a frequent Sparkfun

Now it seems to me the genius thing to do was to reward
customers with free stuff if anyone, because after all, it was
the customers who made the give away possible. So I don't think
it is genius to offend customers, who know their loyalty paid
for the giveaways, by giving away to any comer, amny with no
interest in robotics, just grubbing for free stuff they can then
sell on eBay (for instance). So the customers who were offended
were not the kind you don't want. Just the opposite. They were
the customers that made his fortune. To imply they aren't the
customers anyone would want is doubly insulting. That's no kind
of genius at all.

Somehow this seems to be like the parables in Matt. 18:21-35
(parable of the unmerciful servant) and Matt. 25:14-30 (parable
of the talents) in reverse. He rewards the unworthy
indiscriminately, and seems not a good and faithful servant to
those who have treated him well. 

Your opinion may, of course, differ...


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