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[DPRG] Thanks from DPRG Ex-President

Subject: [DPRG] Thanks from DPRG Ex-President
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Mon Jan 11 21:37:19 CST 2010

First, I would like thank everyone, including those not present at the  
January meeting for their support of DPRG over the past year. I felt very  
honored to have received a standing ovation at the meeting for  service I 
provided as president '08 & '09. Wow, that kind of  praise can be addictive, but 
maybe too hard to earn! 
There are a few more people I would like to recognize (not recalling to  
what extent they were thanked at the meeting). 
Kip Moravec -- Postmaster, great thanks for another year service.
Mike Dodson - Club house provider for 8 years THANKS, AGAIN MIKE!
                       (no standing ovation -- he got his at final RBNO at 
WHQ#1! )
Standing ovations, praise, and major thanks for these guy's  contributions:
Martin Meier - 7+ years of service at Treasurer and support on many many  
DPRG events.
Steve Rainwater - Webmaster and without a question longest term greatest  
contributor to DPRG!
Second, I would like to thank Ed Paradis for taking the DPRG reigns as  our 
new President for 2010. We are lucky to have him and all of the members  of 
the board this year including:
President - Ed Paradis
Vice President - Paul Bouchier
Treasurer - Doug Emes
Secretary - Eric Chaney
Librarian - Glenn Pipe
Webmaster - Steve Rainwater
Postmaster - Kip Moravec
Committee for finding Donated Space for new Clubhouse location  - Bruce 
(sorry, don't know official title)
Looking forward to this year to see what officers and members alike do with 
If I have repeated myself at all, please ignore me -- that is why there are 
 term limits.
Ron Grant
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