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[DPRG] DPRG participation at All-Con

Subject: [DPRG] DPRG participation at All-Con
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Tue Jan 12 05:27:30 CST 2010

DPRG members - the club will be participating at All-Con again this year.
The conference runs Friday March 12 from early afternoon through Sunday
March 14 around noon. http://www.all-con.org/ 

We will have 2 tables, like last year, this time next to the semicircular
viewing area where we will exhibit large robots.

We have proposed 3 sessions thus far:

1) "2010 State of Robotics", presented by Paul Bouchier. 50 minutes. This
presentation will overview some of the latest advances in the field of
robotics, and describe some elementary robotic principles, and show how the
audience can become involved with personal robotics.

2) "How to bring your Projects to Life using LED Lighting Effects" presented
by Jeff Tregre. 

3) "Physical Computing: Build your own Arduino microcontroller and learn to
program it to flash lights, drive motors, and much more" presented by Dale
Wheat. This is two 1-hour sessions. In the first session participants use
supplied components to build their own Arduino microcontroller system, which
they get to take home with them. In the second session, participants will
learn to program the microcontroller they built in the first session, to
make it flash an LED and do other tasks. The cost is $45.  Participants need
to bring a laptop running the Arduino IDE (free, 3 platforms) with a spare
USB port.  Dale supplies everything else.  Here is the link:
http://dalewheat.com/breadboardarduino.html . 

If you would like to do a presentation, please drop me an email with your
proposal & I'll submit it on behalf of the club.

We will need volunteers to man the tables. I anticipate we should be able to
get enough badges for volunteers to attend sessions of interest to them. If
you didn't talk to me at the Saturday meeting, and are willing to assist,
please send me an email with your availability (days/hours).

Thanks in advance for your support

Paul Bouchier
All-con coordinator

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