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[DPRG] First attempt at PCBs

Subject: [DPRG] First attempt at PCBs
From: deltagraph at aol.com deltagraph at aol.com
Date: Sat Jan 16 15:34:07 CST 2010

Just a few ideas from someone with some experience.
Advanced circuits offers a nice design rule check for free.
_www.freedfm.com_ (http://www.freedfm.com)   This is pretty  handy since 
Eagle does not include a Gerber Viewer.
In many cases, helpful thing to do is to print a 1X scale rendition of  
your board and verify components fit properly and you have clearance  between 
components. I have skipped that step a number of times and been  burned. 
Verify connectivity of all of your nets using Eyeball (Show?) command. Real 
 handy to have a large monitor or dual monitor computer where you can view  
schematic and board at same time as you light up each net.
I seemed to have more problems with getting everything connected on power  
and ground busses when I first got started.
I you are using copper pour make sure your isolation distance is not set to 
 low -- if producing a board without solder mask, in this case I find it a 
real  pain to remove solder bridges. 
Double check library parts have correct pinouts... (most all do).
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