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[DPRG] finding a mentor

Subject: [DPRG] finding a mentor
From: Ray Xu rayxu123 at gmail.com
Date: Sun Jan 17 13:32:10 CST 2010

Hey guys,

The other day, my older brother had recommended that I find a mentor to help
("be part of") in my electrical project(s).  I already looked through all
the faculty/professors on the SMU and UTD website, however I find that all
of their research has either very little or no relevance at all to the
particular field of electrical engineering I am interested in (analog
electronics/digital logic/semiconductor lasers).

I'm particularly looking for someone who teaches at a local college or
university or someone who works at a major company that has
interest/research in what I am interested in (described above).  However,
I'm not really sure someone who works at a company as my mentor are able to
write recommendation letters to colleges/universities when I apply in a few
years from now.  He/she has to be located within the DFW metro, so it is
possible for me to arrange meetings occasionally.  I'm open to any

Thanks in advance; this will mean a lot to me and my future!

Ray Xu
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