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[DPRG] Is the Rovio a viable platform?

Subject: [DPRG] Is the Rovio a viable platform?
From: Anton Olsen anton at antonolsen.com
Date: Sat Jan 23 21:02:13 CST 2010

I've torn one apart, and if all you're using is the drivetrain and
chassis it might work well enough. There don't appear to be any built
in encoders so you'd have to add them. Also, slippage is pretty high
on carpet so you may not get good info from the encoders.

The electronics are less friendly looking. Standard consumer grade
components that remind me of a cheap wifi router. It might be worth
googling to see if anyone has added their own firmware to it though.


On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 7:42 AM, Michael Giambalvo <heathkit at gmail.com> wrote:
> After a few years building different platforms, using kits or starting
> from scratch with surplus, I always come down to the same goal that I
> seem to have so much trouble meeting.
> All I'd like is a little living room robot with good quality encoders,
> and either a computer or a nicely done wifi link.   Ideally, it would
> be engineer so as not to get easily stuck and have some kind of
> well-designed docking system for charging.  Also, a decent run time is
> a must.
> Right now, I'm leaning towards just sticking a tiny Atom based board
> and a webcam on my roomba.  Maybe even a Create. But the Rovio looks
> interesting - it might be exactly what I want, already built, at a
> nice price!
> Has anyone experimented with "hacking" it?  They seem to have a nice
> and open API, and I've seen some hardware mods.  I'm wondering if
> anyone has used it as a platform and has an opinion on how well it
> putters around a living room.
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