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[DPRG] Robot Pb battery charging question

Subject: [DPRG] Robot Pb battery charging question
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Sun Jan 24 04:38:54 CST 2010

Robot Illuminati - I'm seeking advice on a robot battery power/charging
conundrum. I'm building the electronics for a robot which has 24V motors but
12V electronics (Mowbot, for those who know him). The natural way to wire it
is to put two 12V batteries in series, tap off the lower one & feed 12V from
it to the electronics, and wire the upper one to the motor power circuit. 

The concern I seek advice on is charging the two 12V lead acid batteries.
The lower one will discharge faster, especially during development, because
it's running the electronics as well as its share of the motors. If I just
hook up a 24V charger to the two batteries I'm concerned charging will leave
the batteries unbalanced because the upper one will be fully charged before
the lower one. 

Is this something I should worry about? If it is an issue, does anyone have
any ideas on how to address it?

I imagine the electric R/C guys deal with this, because they sometimes have
separate motor & radio batteries. What are the standard techniques for
handling this situation?

Thanks for any ideas

Paul Bouchier

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