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[DPRG] mega caps

Subject: [DPRG] mega caps
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Mon Jan 25 10:40:56 CST 2010

Wow, did not realize discharge rate on supercap you mentioned, Jeff.
Another thing to keep in mind (or remember as the case might be) is  energy 
storage in a capacitor varies as the square of the voltage. (1/2CxV^2) I  
used to have an 80 uF cap floating around my shop that was rated at 22,000V. 
It  sounded like an M-80 when it was allowed to discharge via arc. I decided 
to get  rid of it when I realized I was not going to live forever. Kind of 
like selling  the 40ft extension ladder -- one less thing hanging around to 
get me.
Using an online calc for my 80uF cap  came up with 19,350 Joules  
BTW the cap was about 3X the size and weight of a car battery.
Supercap calcs:
A 10F supercap at 2.7 volts was 36 watt seconds.
Of course a 1000F cap would be 3600 watt seconds.
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