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[DPRG] Thanks to everyone at the First Lego League

Subject: [DPRG] Thanks to everyone at the First Lego League
From: Ed Paradis legomaniac at gmail.com
Date: Mon Jan 25 11:30:07 CST 2010

I'd like to thank everyone who showed up to our booth at the First
Lego League event on Saturday!

David's Lego/Gameboy robot was really popular chasing a red ball
around.  Of course Glen's R2 unit went over great with the kids.

John's line follower and salt moving robot brought kids back to the
table to show it off to their team mates.

Eric showed up and suffered a broken front steering knuckle on his NXT
truck, but as the only one with a NXT robot, he got a lot of interest
from the team coaches and parents.

Steve managed to get a VIP access badge somehow using his connections
at Robots.net.

Several parents showed up and asked about our group meetings, and
after Eric arrived we had business cards to give them.  There were a
lot of questions along the lines of "How old do you need to be to join
the group?"   I tried to steer the parents to the mailing list and the
kids towards the competitions.

Special thanks goes to Ron for helping me out early in the day.  His
robot, Tip, suffered a broken wheel around lunch.  Hopefully he'll get
it fixed soon because the balancing robot really wows the crowds.

I also talked with some of the other Dallas robotics people there.  We
may have a new location at UTD for RBNOs, so watch for the

Thanks again to everyone,


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