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[DPRG] Eagle and Farads

Subject: [DPRG] Eagle and Farads
From: David Jannke david at proboticsamerica.com
Date: Mon Jan 25 12:33:06 CST 2010

[dr evil voice]
[/dr evil voice]

Such capacitors are low cost and widely available in the May 2052
DigiMouserkey icatalog accessible via search using your Apple brain implant.
Please make sure to mark your order 'deliver by 2010' and use the FedUPS
time travel shipping option.

As for the CNC/Eagle, I get regular emails from the PCB-Gcode mailing list
which supports the PCB-Gcode application and has been having a discussion
about using the Sherline to make PCBs using that free software.
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pcb-gcode   I probably didn't respond before
because I mixed up the mailings with the other group.  I haven't done this
yet, but I did purchase the router collet and bit and have plans whenever I
can fit it in.  

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