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Subject: [DPRG] mega caps
From: DeltaGraph at aol.com DeltaGraph at aol.com
Date: Mon Jan 25 12:59:35 CST 2010

Dear Dr Evil, (or aspiring Dr Evils)
OK, so 1MF cap charged to 2.7 volts  = 3.6 million watt seconds.
I think you could probably cook a turkey with that. My initial guess  would 
be that the turkey could have a starting temperature of -273C  (absolute 
zero) and still get cooked.
Since I have extra time not being an officer of DPRG anymore, I   attempted 
the calculations:
Disclaimer: You might want to check my work if you decide to carry the  
experiment out with expectant dinner guests. 
Figuring latent heat of fusion to thaw the bird once it reaches 0C (334  
kJ/kg) plus 4.2 kJ/kg per delta degree C. I calculate for final temp of 80C  
(176F) and above stated 1MF capacitor charged to 2.7 volts:
Bird kg x (334+ (273+80) x 4.2) = 3600 kJ
Bird kg = 3.81 kg =  8.4 lbs
Not a very large turkey, but with a pre-thawed turkey at say 5C. The  
calculation yields a 25lb bird can be cooked.
Maybe we can try this out at tomorrows RBNO at the generator. I will spring 
 for the bird if someone will bring the capacitor(s).
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