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[DPRG] conceptualizing capacitors

Subject: [DPRG] conceptualizing capacitors
From: vincent lopresti spaceminers2010 at yahoo.com
Date: Wed Jan 27 16:44:09 CST 2010

well, i found 50 Mega Joules but much too large for portable applications :(
i currently have 2 - 80farad, 20v capacitor arrays [L4.5" x W2.5" x H2"]  that i ripped out of a Pyle automotive sound capacitor unit. these boxes are $400 each and come complete with digital power level readout and blue neon lights for show. the blastbox the caps are housed in is quite thick and heavy. i originally purchased these caps to help power the space elevator prototype. we had 5 seconds to build up a charge from the solar cells before we launched. i wanted to capture ALL this energy fast & efficiently.
what is the power to weight ratio compared to batteries? caps are 90+% efficient, batteries are 33% to 90+%. you guys are good at running numbers; how many 80f, 20v caps to equal the total power of a 12v, 900 cca car battery? how much will it weigh? how large would it be?
nano carbon tubes? layer 3' x 3' sheets of thin carbon fiber and copper until it reaches 3' in heigth. is this a mega farad? place a 3' x 3' solar array on top to charge it, put wheels on it and a dc motor. how far could one person travel?
how about an orgone capacitor? [alternate layers of organic & inorganic materials]
robotrock =]

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