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[DPRG] Permanent Meeting Location

Subject: [DPRG] Permanent Meeting Location
From: Quinones, Jose jquinones at ti.com
Date: Thu Jan 28 09:10:07 CST 2010

That is good to know there is quorum for an idea like this. I am wondering, though, and I hope the group can enlighten me on some question that have popped up since the last email...

1. An idea like this would require a series of insurances. I know we are all very honorable, but if you have a place with tools such as milling machines, lathes, saws and drills, I can already see some blood will get spilled at some point in time. Not that I want it to happen, but we all know it is GOING to happen. How would you tackle this problem? Because we are all very civilized, I guess we could make every body sign a waver stating they will take care of their own safety and we should not see a horde of lawyers beating the heck out of us. But I am thinking at some point in time, somebody will see the light and talk to their shark skinned buddy. What do you guys think?

2. How about price per month? How much are people willing to pay for this? In the California one, people are paying $100 a month and that gives them access to everything. I don't think at $100 a month we are going to get that much interest. I personally would think it twice before paying the $100, unless whatever is inside is very well worth it! On the other hand, the cost to maintain the facility is not trivial. Factor into the cost of space, the Air Conditioning, electricity and water utilities, insurances, etc. Of course the amount of people would at the end make it work, if said number is large enough!

Very exciting!

Best regards,

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From: Mike Eber [mailto:nikropht at gmail.com] 
Sent: Thursday, January 28, 2010 7:58 AM
To: Quinones, Jose
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Subject: Re: [DPRG] Permanent Meeting Location

I am all for this. :)

I am part owner of a small company Kineteka Systems www.kineteka.com and 
we would be interested in sharing space to hand manufacture our products 
(my house is becoming to small). We could help sponsor the cost of a 
warehouse type facilty. I think other small companies would be 
interested as well. Mr Wheat? I am also a charter member of the Make:DFW 
group a local Make based group that meets monthly, I am sure some of 
those people would be interested as well. I also want to point out that 
I know the owners of  http://www.neighborhoodworkshop.com/ that is 
trying to open up a Kinko's like shop with a bunch of tools including a 
laser cutter. They may already have a space in mind.

Mike Eber

On 1/28/2010 7:40 AM, Quinones, Jose wrote:
> I just read about this on the January edition of the Servo magazine. In California, a group of people started doing something like an RBNO, but it got packed so quick, they could not do them like that anymore. So they opened up a 4400 facility called Hackers Dojo. For $100 a month, members can utilize the facility 24/7. Have no idea how they manage to control access, but I imagine (since everybody is a geek there) a simple RFID tag will do the job.
> I started asking here at work, and everybody seemed to be convinced that should be a no brainer in Silicon Valley, but that since Dallas is so Geek Diluted, something like that would not work. I agree a facility as large as 4400 SQFT would be too large a project here for the DFW region, but there has to be a way in which this can be done.
> Would it be too impossible to get a medium size warehouse for $500 a month and get 10 members to pay $50 bucks a month? Seems a little bit unfair since everybody else would not pay a dime, but of course the 10 payees would have some kind of special advantage such as storage space or access to tools. I am certain you guys thought this over far much more than this, but I can imagine a lot of people willing to pay $25 to $50 a month if the return is appealing enough.
> BTW, the real advantage of a hackers space is not the space itself, but the ability to meet with a gazillion people with the same interests. It works for networking, advertising products that you have, possibly starting new businesses, and most importantly getting somebody to help you with a project in which you are stuck, but they happen to be an expert at.
> Best regards,
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> Subject: [DPRG] Permanent Meeting Location
> Hi Everyone,
> After talking with the other officers and several long time members of
> the group, we've come up with an approach to find new, permanent space
> for the DPRG. Our idea is to have the DPRG become a founding member of
> a Dallas area hackerspace (a shared community workshop, see
> http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/ ).
> Funding a hackerspace can be expensive and is usually done on a
> membership basis in which full members pay a monthly fee for 24/7
> access to the workshop. We realize not all DPRG members will want that
> level of access, so to fully cover the costs we're actively seeking
> other interesting parties in the Dallas area to participate with us.
> If we're successful, this idea would result in a permanent workshop
> similar to the Garland warehouse where the group could hold meetings,
> classes and tutorials, or RBNOs. However, we've gotten such good
> feedback on having multiple RBNO locations, that we'll continue that
> in any case. Most likely, we would only want to hold one or two RBNOs
> per month at the hackerspace.
> The space would also allow DPRG members to interact with other Dallas
> groups and individuals who share our interests.
> We're still crunching numbers and working on plans but what we really
> need help with right now is finding potential spaces. If you have a
> building your could donate or know someone who does, let us know.
> If you know anyone who has warehouse space available to a non-profit
> on a no-cost or low-cost lease for 1 year or more, let us know about
> that too.
> And if you don't know anyone with space, go ask! If we all ask
> everyone we know, the odds are very good we'll come up with some great
> offers pretty quickly.
> Thanks,
> Ed Paradis
> president at dprg.org
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