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[DPRG] TI LaunchPad - Arduino type device

Subject: [DPRG] TI LaunchPad - Arduino type device
From: brianmerritt at att.net brianmerritt at att.net
Date: Wed Jul 7 22:21:17 CDT 2010

A lot of people seem to get the wrong idea about these parts. The very
design of the CPU and the fact that they are 16bit makes them very efficient
at running C code.  I recently finished a new app' that runs 10 channels of
10 bit AD conversions; controls sensors, LEDs and other chips; generates
varying pwm output; reacts to inputs from switches and other chips; switches
on the fly between fast and very slow clocks; frequently reconfigures its
own I/O, clocks, and modules; totally dedicates 28 of the 128 bytes of RAM
for data; and yields ultra low power (uA) performance. All of that was done
in a little more than 1.5K of flash, by just using good programming
practices and having a good knowledge of the architecture.
I did order a couple of the $4.30 boards just to check them out.

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Well, did everybody order and get one/some of these?
I was pretty excited for a while. Eventually I figured out the parts had
only 1K or 2K of program space, and a few bytes of RAM. I figure it has to
be disappointing to develop any C programs for them as they would almost be
out of resources before the initialization was done.
I also thought maybe this was a $4.30 USB to serial cable. But then i wasn't
sure because it looked like it went to the JTAG rather than the serial port.
So I didn't bother to order one. Then they were all back ordered.
Any body got experience to report?


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Nevermind, I'm an idiot. 


On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 9:07 AM, John Dolecek <jdolecek at gmail.com> wrote:

Do you have a link to buy it?  I can't seem to find it. 



On Thu, Jun 24, 2010 at 8:37 AM, Dave Grubb <davidagrubb at hotmail.com> wrote:

Had this link sent to me yesterday:


I've used PIC and AVR a great deal but not MSP so at that price point I
ordered one straight away just so I have something to experiment with. 



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