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[DPRG] TI LaunchPad - Arduino type device

Subject: [DPRG] TI LaunchPad - Arduino type device
From: Randy M. Dumse rmd at newmicros.com
Date: Thu Jul 8 09:28:24 CDT 2010

Well, not to complain that such micros aren't useful, I've
"grown up" in the micro world using parts with 128 - 256 bytes
of RAM and 1, 2, 4K of code. But I've also spent lots of time
hand tweaking to fit assembler code to fit contraints like that.
For instance, the R65F11, which had the Forth kernel ROM'd in
it, and needed and external development ROM to be interactive,
had 192 bytes of RAM and 3K of ROM (if I even remember correctly
- it's been 27 years since I did that project. So I got a lot of
functionality packed in, but had to do tricks like limit the
input buffer to 20 characters. 
I guess it was the "Arduino type device" in the title that had
me thinking there was more memory/utility to this TI offering.


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Subject: RE: [DPRG] TI LaunchPad - Arduino type device

A lot of people seem to get the wrong idea about these parts.
The very design of the CPU and the fact that they are 16bit
makes them very efficient at running C code.  I recently
finished a new app' that runs 10 channels of 10 bit AD
conversions; controls sensors, LEDs and other chips; generates
varying pwm output; reacts to inputs from switches and other
chips; switches on the fly between fast and very slow clocks;
frequently reconfigures its own I/O, clocks, and modules;
totally dedicates 28 of the 128 bytes of RAM for data; and
yields ultra low power (uA) performance. All of that was done in
a little more than 1.5K of flash, by just using good programming
practices and having a good knowledge of the architecture.
I did order a couple of the $4.30 boards just to check them out.

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