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[DPRG] Off Topic: gcc help

Subject: [DPRG] Off Topic: gcc help
From: Steve Rainwater srainwater at ncc.com
Date: Thu Jul 15 14:19:53 CDT 2010

On Thu, 2010-07-15 at 14:45 -0400, warm38 at juno.com wrote:
> My Linux  bash scripting is old, and I've never built gcc, but now I
> gotta test a compiler.
> I know that "runtest" is involved, but no clue how to set it up to run.,
> Anyone out there willing to help me get started?  Or at least give me a
> pointer where I can get help?
> (gcc.org answer is RTFM and I have read it but I'm not speaking the same
> language and there are a LOT of assumptions they make that leave me
> clueless).

What sort of help do you need? More info would about what you're trying
to do would help. I'm assuming you're trying to build a cross-compiler?
What's host and target? 

If you're on a mainstream GNU/Linux distro like Fedora, you can install
ready-made cross compilers for popular targets like AVR. 

Building a full cross tool chain can be challenging but there are some
documents out there to help. Here's a general one:


You can often find documents with more specific instructions for a
particular host and target.


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