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Subject: [DPRG] Off Topic: gcc help
From: warm38 at juno.com warm38 at juno.com
Date: Tue Jul 20 10:19:38 CDT 2010

> Good that you were able to get past that.  Sounds like possibly 
> somone
> has played with configure a bit.  I can compile several old 
> versions
> of binutils with the current texinfo.

I got a line to stick in that would work with new versions.  They had it
working with 4.4-4.9 and 5-9, but not 4.10-4.13

> gcc might be complaining about mpfr because you need to install 
> that
> package (or because someone decided they would "try" to rip it back
> out.)

The package IS there.  I looked at the code and saw
BUILT_IN_J0  and it was wanting to see __imp__mpfr_j0
BUILT_IN_Y1  and it was wanting to see __imp__mpfr_y1 
There were 9 of those.   I didnt see any #define that gave me a clue as
to who defined BUILT_IN_* to be __imp__mpfr_*
and I didnt see any #include mpfr.h.  Of course it might have been
included in by some other *.h file.  I did recall seeing configure say
mpfr.h was OK, so it should be there and should somehow be included. ....
I think.  

Once the guru of the compile gives me a clue to the fix, I still gotta
come up with some sort of test to cover some wierd situations.
MOST of the testsuite covers just about everything, but modifications
will be unavoidable ( remember, 2K instructions (which is why no
library), 32 bytes of RAM, no long available and int is 16 bits).

    11. Operators:
        (a) Arithmetic (+, -, *, /, %)
               This will be where the work needs to be done.
                1) no math library
                 2) no available multiply nor divide instruction, so a
library is needed for those functions
                3) no divide, so '%' will require a "library" function

I wonder how the compiler is set up to handle 
c = a * b;
c = a / b;
c = a % b;

I can run through a loop for a+b and a-b, but that other stuff.

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