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[DPRG] One step below "extreme"

Subject: [DPRG] One step below "extreme"
From: Dale Wheat dale at dalewheat.com
Date: Sat Jun 5 15:20:06 CDT 2010

Drew Dolan has been helping me select bits and pieces for my new PC.  I wanted 
something "responsive" without spending stupid amounts of money.  Things have 
changed enough in this territory that I now need a guide.  Drew has done an 
excellent job.

Almost all the bits are in.  I'm waiting on one last item that is supposed to 
arrive Monday.  We will be assembling the monster at RBNO at XMAX Games on 
Tuesday evening.  All are invited to gawk.  You can see the bleeding edge from here.

In other news, I'll be having another Breadboard Arduino class this coming 
Thursday at The Generator in downtown Garland:


Event details:  http://makezine.com/pub/event/2001


Dale Wheat

(972) 486-1317

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