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[DPRG] All-con schedule is posted

Subject: [DPRG] All-con schedule is posted
From: Paul Bouchier bouchier at classicnet.net
Date: Mon Mar 1 21:15:57 CST 2010


Click on the schedule link.

"2010 State of Robotics", Paul Bouchier, Saturday 3pm, Sunday noon
"How to bring your Projects to Life using LED Lighting Effects", Jeff
Tregre, Saturday 1pm
"Physical Computing: Build your own Arduino microcontroller...", Dale Wheat,
Saturday 2pm, Sunday 2pm
Meet the Robots (and their makers), Club members with Robots, Saturday 4pm

Let me know if you want to bring a robot to "Meet the Robots (and their
makers" - the more the merrier. This is a great forum to show off what you
built to an appreciative audience.

More soon


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