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[DPRG] Dallas Maker Space Meeting at XMax games tomorrow(03-04-10) at 7pm

Subject: [DPRG] Dallas Maker Space Meeting at XMax games tomorrow(03-04-10) at 7pm
From: Rick Bickle rbickle at intconsys.com
Date: Thu Mar 4 11:17:19 CST 2010



I am running mach3 for my router, but have never tried it on a laptop.

It seems like I read somewhere that the problem with laptop parallel
ports is that sometimes they are 3.3v instead of 5v, which may or may
not be compatible with the voltage levels in the stepper/servo hardware.

In my machines, I used some parallel port buffer cards which contain
74hc245 buffer chips, which will tolerate the 3.3v levels.


I just purchased a couple of industrial PC's with touchscreen LCDs that
I'm going to use for the CNC plasma cutter. We'll see how it works.





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I am also working on my CNC and my Rep Rap (with more focus on the CNC
router at the moment).


Correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that no CNC
machine will operate properly with a laptop, no matter what CPU you have
in there. As I was reading the MACH3 software website, they specifically
tell us a laptop will not work because of how the OS is always lagging
(don't understand why it has to be like that, BTW). It was my impression
that the MACH3 software will first check whether the computer is a
laptop or desktop and if it is a laptop, it will not work.


Of course EMC is another beast so I am not aware if this is the case,
but something tells me this is the way to do things across the border?


Whatever the case, I understand a laptop from five or 10 years ago, may
had been a poor choice to run a CNC machine. But why does the same
applies today? If you have a 7200 RPM HD, a laptop should practically be
as fast as a desktop! As long as it is plugged into power, of course.
Here is what the MACH3 website says under the requirements:


Desktop PC (if using the Mach3 Parallel Port Driver - laptops are not
supported because the power saving features of the chipsets disrupt the
pulse stream, PCMCIA and USB parallel adaptors will *not* work.)


Notice how emphatic the *not* is! I bet they check and then disable...


Best regards,




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